1yr ago: Introducing the Baroque Theorbo

Lots of videos posted one year ago today on Other People’s Videos (click here to see the list). Including this:

Introducing the Baroque Theorbo
Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Jan 11, 2019 – 9:58

“People complain a lot about the space that I take up”.

Lutenist Elizabeth Kenny explains how and why the theorbo was developed in the 17th century, what it was used for, and what it’s like to carry it around on the train.


I Know Why (And So Do You) – Glenn Miller (1941)

This is from Sun Valley Serenade (1941) [IMDb]. Previously featured from the same film: In the Mood – The Glenn Miller Orchestra. The man at the piano is John Payne, famous for defending Santa Clause as Fred Gailey in Miracle on 34th Street. The admiring girlfriend is Olympic Skating Champion Sonja Henie.

When Phil Corey’s band arrives at the Idaho ski resort its pianist Ted Scott [Payne] is smitten with a Norwegian refugee he has sponsored, Karen Benson [Henie]. When soloist Vivian Dawn quits, Karen stages an ice show as a substitute.

Ice show! Sonja Henie! Box Office Boffo! Just like all the movies featuring Esther Williams ended up with her swimming.

But never mind all that. Here’s the razzmatazz.

I Know Why (And So Do You) – Sun Valley Serenade HD 1941
vegas1a – Nov 1, 2011 – 5:27
Glenn Miller, with Lynn Bari (dubbed by Pat Friday), John Payne, The Modernaires. As if a medley, this leads in with Moonlight Serenade. Music by Harry Warren, lyrics by Mack Gordon.

Anti-Corruption is the New Corruption

I have a bunch of videos that I’ve had partially drafted, some for many months. This one has been sitting around in draft since booknlass on A♠ mentioned it last November! I never did get through the whole thing. If you do, tell me about it in comments.
Cleaning Out the Video Backlog #6 — 12 (or so) ten (I must’ve miscounted somewhere along the line) remaining.

Amazing Polly – Oct 10, 2019 – 49:42
I discuss how *G.Soros* is pivotal to the Globalist takeover of countries by using the example of Ukraine. This seems to involve the CIA in its capacity as part of an underground international Intelligence Apparatus which I believe was set up during & after WW2 in Project RUSTY. I also focus on the major role Canadians have played in Ukraine. There’s a lot going on here, so grab a pen. 🙂

NOTE: the photo I say is of Oleh Havrylyshyn is not him. I put in the wrong file. more…

Critters at Play

SC Fair Duck Slide
ThemeParkSushi – Oct 26, 2011 – 10:38
Here’s 10 minutes of uninterrupted duck slide from the South Carolina State Fair.

First saw this in a short clip on twitbook (h/t Ace of Spades). Searched and found this. At almost eleven minutes, didn’t think we’d watch the whole thing, but we did. Love the way they run back up.

Just to clarify – I didn’t build this thing. I have absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s been part of the livestock exhibit for as long as I can remember. I shot this video to be used in a time-lapse video of the fair (check my channel and you’ll see it). Someone asked me to post the entire raw video, so I did. If you want to discuss whether or not it’s animal abuse, that’s totally cool with me. Just keep in mind that I only shot the video here. I do not personally own a duck slide.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Beluga Whale vs Sea Gull
Apr 29, 2020 – 4:34

Despite Ozzy’s snarky narration, it looks to me like the whale and the gull are engaging in friendly play. And sharing a fish.