1 Yr Ago on Apr 1, 2019

Here’s a massive mixed bag of videos from one year ago on April 1, 2019. Below the fold: many more vids.

No Time for Foolishness Today!

April Fools!

h/t Captain Obvious commenting on Ace of Spades

Check the date regarding the above.

And here’s a little more April foolishness.

Woolery on Mueller

Dice on Late-Night Non-Comedy

Biden — His Time

Lucas has no mercy for touchy-feely Uncle Joe.

Speaking of Uncle Joe,

Hosts of ABC’s ‘The View’ Defend Biden on Unwanted Touching

I couldn’t watch this long cut of the gals on the View defending the pervert, but I present it if anyone else would like to torture themselves.

Humor Break

We interrupt the serious stuff for some serious personality disorder.

The Mueller Report: This Is Just the Beginning
SUPERcuts !#677

CBP Agent Describes Border Crisis:
“We’re Struggling Down Here Just To Keep Things Going”

Speaking of the border war…

Trump Cuts Aid amidst Border Crisis

Lucas favors Trump cuts. Surprise.

Speaking of the border war…

President Trump threatens to shut down border with Mexico next week

Conservative Twins favor closing the border. Surprise.

Also, strong language warning. Surprise.


Brittany Hughes on MRC-TV on blocking accounts and ads for the movie

OAN interview with the lead actress from the movie

Leftist Students Support Segregation

Ami Horowitz for PragerU interviews Columbia students about the college’s racial segregation plans.

Sargon on Brexit Live Speech

Chicago Needs This Kind of Rebuilding Again

Full disclosure, I’m not a native Chicagoan, but my wife and kids and all my in-laws are. Sad to see the city in flames again, economically and socially, and, perhaps too soon, literally.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes FULL RETARD Part 6

Previous parts and more on the Full Retard playlist.

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