Science for Thinky People

  • How to Protect Yourself from Coronaviruses
  • April 2020 Skywatching Tips
  • What happened before the Big Bang?
  • Does Mars Need “The Cloud”?
  • Dr. Becky is going to steal the Moon
  • This Tree Oozes Metal Sap
  • Bad Science Education

Masks? Handwashing? Sanitizer?
How to Protect Yourself from Coronaviruses
SciShow – Apr 2, 2020 – 6:25
Today, we all do our best to protect ourselves from coronaviruses. But a lot of what people are doing doesn’t really help, and it could take away supplies from those who actually need them. Hank explains what does help, and how it prevents the spread of infection to be successful at protecting yourself as much as possible! Hosted by: Hank Green

What’s Up: April 2020
Skywatching Tips from NASA
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Mar 31, 2020 – 3:18
What are some astronomy highlights in the sky in April 2020? This month, Venus visits the Pleiades; Mars, Jupiter and Saturn begin their breakup; and we ask, “What is the Moon illusion?”

What happened before the Big Bang?
Fermilab – Mar 31, 2020 – 14:34
Understanding how the universe began has been a goal for scientists, philosophers, and theologians for millennia. In this video, Fermilab’s Dr. Don Lincoln describes the scientific view on this topic. He covers what we know, what we think, and what we may forever never know.

Does Mars Need “The Cloud”?
SciShow Space – Mar 31, 2020
Earlier this year, scientists pitched a mission to bring “the cloud” to Mars. While this proposal may seem expensive and risky, it’s a legitimate idea that could fundamentally change how we plan space missions! Hosted by: Reid Reimers

Another video that should have gone up on the 1st, but I was busy and excuses excuses.

I’m going to steal the Moon… (with a giant electromagnet)
Dr. Becky – Apr 1, 2020 – 18:46
I’ve been feeling some evil genius tendencies creep out in my social isolation, so I’m embracing them in this video with the science of how I’m going to steal the Moon with a giant electromagnet, a Hohmann transfer orbit and a bolt of lightning…

This Tree Oozes Metal Sap
SciShow – Mar 31, 2020 – 3:35
In the South Pacific, there is a rare tree so rich in metal that its sap runs blue. Hosted by: Olivia Gordon

5 Things You Were Taught Wrong in Elementary School | Compilation
SciShow – Apr 1, 2020 – 20:36

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