Disease, Disorder, and Disinformation

h/t Dianny at Patriot Retort

Below h/t Patrick From Ohio on A♠

Friendly reminder:

Looking for confirmation of this comment on A♠:

artisanal ‘ette at April 04, 2020 12:22 PM:
In tune with the public, Mr Macron proclaimed this week that the pandemic has “changed the world” and signalled the return of the protective state in the face of globalisation.”

…Macron was requesting 1billin masks from Xi and they said “we’ll give them to you if you implement 5G Huawei”

Blackmail to take over communications.

This was Mark Green (R-TN), House Homeland Security Committee saying this a short while ago.


John McAfee says this is the ultimate apocalypse, here’s his game plan
Kitco NEWS – Apr 2, 2020 – 18:51
c/o Kitco News
h/t Braenyard on A♠
A global quarantine is likely to create the “worst financial havoc” ever, says John McAfee, founder of software security firm, McAfee LLC.

Social unrest is likely to take place in the wake of this pandemic, McAfee said.
“Every single catastrophe in which food or water or life-giving supplies are in low supply, the human veneer breaks down. And that thin layer of cultured society, human interaction, disappears,” he said.

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