Easter Messages, slightly late

A few days late with these Easter messages (or did I post Trump’s already? I cant keep track. Or days early if you’re Eastern Easter.

Royal Family has a YouTube channel? We are amused.

The Queen Records First Easter Message Amid Coronavirus Crisis
The Royal Family Channel
Apr 12, 2020 – 2:06
h/t Anonosaurus Wrecks on A♠
Queen Elizabeth has delivered her first recorded Easter message to Britons on Saturday.


The audio message was recorded at Windsor Castle, and it is the second time the queen has addressed the coronavirus crisis publicly.

President Trump: “Our Nation Will Come Through Like Never Before”
GOP War Room – Apr 10, 2020 – 1:19
President Trump said that “our nation will come through like never before,” when he gave an Easter blessing from the oval office on 4/10/2020.


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