Trump Derangement Virus Continues to Spread

Contenders for parents of the year
h/t J.J. Sefton’s Morning Report on A♠

Congressman Matt Gaetz:
Ripping Down Neighbor’s Trump Flag
Apr 14, 2020 – 0:53
Physician-Parents possessed with Trump hatred so much that they steal a senior citizen’s Trump flag with kids in tow.

c/o Megan Fox, PJ Media
Unhinged Trump-Hating Doctors Steal Senior’s Trump Flag While Their Own Children Watch in Horror

…Two gynecologists went on a nighttime raid of their elderly neighbor’s home with their children in tow to steal a Trump flag off the neighbor’s pole. … The most heartbreaking part is one small child begging them to stop so they won’t go to jail while the other even smaller baby, wearing only a diaper, cries.…

WKRG reported the details.

Geoffrey Michael Fraiche, 41, Laura Ann Webb-Fraiche, 38, were arrested and charged with criminal mischief, trespassing, larceny and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Fraiche and Webb-Fraiche are accused of stealing the man’s flag on April 7, according to a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Ring surveillance video shows the two driving up to the man’s house on a golf cart with at least two children with them, according to deputies. The report says Fraiche and Webb-Fraiche used a ladder to take down the man’s Trump campaign flag.

The man said their actions caused about $500 in damage to the base of the flagpole and the flag itself cost $200. He wished to pursue charges.

Funny… they don’t look guilty…Deranged, now, that they look.




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