Made-Up Crimes for the Greater Good

Man Dragged Off Bus For Not Wearing Masks
TheDC Shorts – Apr 12, 2020 – 4:03

Karens of a previous era
Can’t help but notice that the one gal’s mask isn’t on right.
Nor are they practicing safe social distancing.

h/t Poppins on A♠: “Here’s what our elites want, now and forever”

Churches Defy Quarantine On Easter Sunday
TheDC Shorts – Apr 13, 2020 – 3:02
Churches across the country defied government orders to shut down on Easter Sunday

Government Squashes Religious Liberty in Reaction to COVID-19
One America News Network – Apr 13, 2020 – 2:29

h/t WeirdDave on A♠ Overnight Thread


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