Seven Separate Science Stories

More down-to-earth than the other science post today.

  • Siamese Cat Mutants
  • Can We Reproduce in Space*
  • Subatomic Stories: Quarks
  • Benefits of Being Gooey
  • How Cold Can Earth Get?
  • “White Smoker” vents

*I haven’t watched it yet, but I dread to think what twists of language the reproduce-in-space story will use to avoid saying women get pregnant.

Siamese Cat Mutants
Hank Green, SciShow – 3:45

Could You Get Pregnant in Space?
Reid Reimers, SciShow Space – 6:13

Subatomic Stories: Quarks

Why Gooey Creatures Might Outlast Us All
Michael Aranda, SciShow – 5:42

How Cold Can Earth Get?
Michael Aranda, SciShow – 4:07

NASA Studies Underwater “White Smoker” vents
NASA/JPL – 2:28

Previously-blogged, SciShow covering the White Smoker vents. [6:15]

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