Swing Time – Rogers and Astaire

PepsiPrime – Jul 23, 2007 – 2:26
h/t eleven on A♠
In this Swing Time clip, Lucky (Astaire) saves Penny’s (Rogers) job by showing how much she has taught him.

The first true dance number with the two, the other being with Fred fumbling and pretending to be a terrible dancer. Both scenes, however, go to the same song, Pick Yourself Up, this scene without lyrics and much more lively with the other more calm, with lyrics, between the two.

Music by Jerome Kern and Lyrics by Dorothy Fields


2 thoughts on “Swing Time – Rogers and Astaire

    1. Yes, they were amazing! It’s almost magical when they first launch into dancing, so smooth, so polished.

      He looks like he was born in a tux and is weightless. And Rogers, well, as they say, everything Fred did, but backward, and in high heels!


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