Anti-Corruption is the New Corruption

I have a bunch of videos that I’ve had partially drafted, some for many months. This one has been sitting around in draft since booknlass on A♠ mentioned it last November! I never did get through the whole thing. If you do, tell me about it in comments.
Cleaning Out the Video Backlog #6 — 12 (or so) ten (I must’ve miscounted somewhere along the line) remaining.

Amazing Polly – Oct 10, 2019 – 49:42
I discuss how *G.Soros* is pivotal to the Globalist takeover of countries by using the example of Ukraine. This seems to involve the CIA in its capacity as part of an underground international Intelligence Apparatus which I believe was set up during & after WW2 in Project RUSTY. I also focus on the major role Canadians have played in Ukraine. There’s a lot going on here, so grab a pen. 🙂

NOTE: the photo I say is of Oleh Havrylyshyn is not him. I put in the wrong file. more…

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