The Great Lockdown of 2020

The Lockdown Battlefronts and Surviving the Lockdown — with laughter!


Contact Tracing With The Clintons (mirrored )
krafty karper – Apr 24, 2020 – 7:17
h/t Lizzy on A♠“Contact Tracer Corps like AmeriCorps” — “dignified isolation” — If this is real — yiiiikes

Dallas salon owner ordered to close violating stay-at-home orders
WFAA – Apr 24, 2020 – 1:16
Salon a la Mode reopened, disregarding state and city orders that non-essential businesses remain closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Science — It’s Scienterrific

  • What the HECK is Time?! (in Einstein’s Relativity)
  • What’s Under The Ice In Antarctica?
  • Animation of Black Hole Disk Flare in Galaxy OJ 287
  • A day in the life of an astrophysicist in LOCKDOWN
  • Why Do Fetuses Kick So Much?
  • How Science Is Trying to Understand Consciousness
  • How the Andes Mountains Might Have Killed a Bunch of Whales
  • How Climate Change Is Creating More Space Junk

What the HECK is Time?! (in Einstein’s Relativity)
The Science Asylum – Apr 28, 2020 – 11:49
In special and general relativity, we imagine time as just another dimension of space in something called “spacetime.” Unfortunately, this picture leads to questions about determinism and free will. Is that really how it works? What does the concept of spacetime actually say about the universe and about time?

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