Riot Goin’ On

Some of these reports are from a day or more ago.

Police Flee From 3rd Precinct As Rioters Attack
TheDC Shorts – 5:53

The 2nd Amendment Protects A Business During Riots
TheDC Shorts – 3:13

Riots Erupt in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Townhall Media – 14:36

Day 2 Of Looting: Minneapolis Target Is Completely Destroyed
TheDC Shorts – 3:46

David Harris Jr:
Riots in Minn, Cops Speak Out, Trump on Social Media and Obama Admin Under Scope!

Bill’s opinions are his own.

Wild Bill for America:
Rioting For Fun And Profit

Lucas: Not the time to bring up tangential issues.

The Amazing Lucas
Protests, looting and Rioting in Minneapolis
May 28, 2020 – 9:21