What’s Wrong With Michelle Obama?

I have a bunch of videos that I’ve had partially drafted, some for many months. This one has been in draft for quite a while. I considered it about the bottom of the barrel, possibly not even to be published, but then I ran into a picture on Ace of Spades that motivated me to go ahead and post this today.
Cleaning Out the Video Backlog #7 — 9 (or so) to go.

What’s Wrong With Michelle Obama?
The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show

h/t Tinker on A♠

Jesse Lee Peterson – Jul 31, 2012 – 3:14
Despite the mainstream media’s attempts to try and depict Michelle Obama as classy and sophisticated, in the vain of Jacqueline Kennedy, she has shown us that she is classless. From the kiss cam episode during the U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball game to getting down and doing push ups on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”–FLOTUS is NOT acting like a lady! We’ve compiled select images of FLOTUS from WH events to casual outings and she seems treat all with little fashion sense or decorum. You be the judge.

Obama calls Michelle (Michael)

Music 4 All People – Sep 14, 2016 – 0:24

Michelle Obama Caught Fixing Her Package

Controversy Radio – Aug 25, 2017 – 2:24
Michelle Obama filmed Fixing Her Package leaving Malia’s dorm at Harvard University. caught in the act

Resized_IMG_17681.jpgh/t Misanthropic Humanitarian

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