About That Meat You’re Buying…

Cattle Rancher Warns About the Meat You’re Buying
Valuetainment – May 8, 2020 – 51:45
h/t illiniwek on A♠

this guy has an interesting take on the consolidation in the meat processing industry … 4-5 big names, some foreign owned. They have been bringing in foreign meat, blending it with US beef, calling it all US. That is what COOL (country of origin labeling) was about …

But now there are people controlling that link in the chain, and they can screw the producer (those that raise the cattle, then have to sell) … so once again, big money and foreign interests gain control of an industry … possible terrible outcomes ahead … Consolidation has given us some efficiencies maybe, but largely has screwed us, letting a few BigMoney names control the little guys.

American Cattle Rancher Shad Sullivan has a virtual sit down with Patrick Bet-David to talk about the future of cattle and meat industry. Visit USA Beef https://bit.ly/3foNTZc

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