All About the Bug, Bums, and Battles

More Viral Science

Does Hand Sanitizer Create Superbugs?
SciShow – May 9, 2020 – 4:33
Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are an effective way to kill a myriad of potentially harmful microbes. But is there a risk of germs becoming resistant to this ubiquitous liquid? Hosted by: Hank Green

Decisions Astonishingly Wrong in Every Regard


San Francisco Health Dept. gives out alcohol, drugs to homeless housed in quarantine hotels
One America News Network
May 10, 2020 – 2:42

Enabling addicts, polluting private property, all at taxpayer expense. Wow.

Re-territorializing California until it can be brought back up to statehood levels sounds like a good idea, but how long would that take?

Economic Restoration


New Yorkers have plans to reopen small businesses
One America News Network
May 10, 2020 – 2:56
Some small businesses have had to shut down entirely due to the coronavirus, and the road back to normalcy is expected to be a long one. This has led some businesses in New York to open up on their own. Here’s One America’s Caitlin Sinclair with more.

NYC tailor reopens shop amid lockdown
One America News Network
May 10, 2020 – 2:28
One New York City shop owner has said his doors will stay open, even after a statewide order deemed his business non-essential amid the ongoing pandemic. Here’s One America’s Caitlin Sinclair with more.

Female Dictators
Domestic & Foreign

Gov Delores Whitmer

Mindful Webworks Radical Incline
Chief Inquistor’s Governing Decrees

Saturday Night Live
Message from Gov. Whitmer
Apr 25, 2020 – 2:53

YouTube recommended this one for me. Not quite sure what to make of it. Too weak and wishy-washy to be funny. As usual, not using all the great potential material Whitmer provides. So, yeah, it’s still SNL. Passed along for edumicational purposes.

Might as well drop this here.

May 10, 2020 – 12:08

Lock Yourself Up Song

I was hoping this would be hilarious parodic critique. It’s… not. I only made it 30 seconds into this song, cringing increasingly with each second. Passed along for social economic purposes only. Not recommended for actual viewing. [4:56]



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