Control Freaks vs Liberty

“Worship Is An ‘Essential Business'” Department

Megachurch pastor calls for all religious worshippers to ‘peaceably gather’ Sunday
One America News Network – 3:18

“Rules for Thee But Not For Me” Department

Calls for probe into Pa. health secy., gov. amid nursing home scandal
One America News Network – 2:35

“Border Disorder” Department

CBP sees new threat at southern border amid COVID-19 pandemic
One America News Network – 3:36

“Trillion Dollar Dreams” Department

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Slams HEROES Act:
‘Is This a Joke? Because It Certainly Isn’t Based on Reality’

Grabien – 1:08

“Masked Intentions” Department

Washington Free Beacon SUPERcuts! #774
Media Scolds on Facemasks

“Food for Thought” Department

NYC restaurants bracing for changes
One America News Network – 3:02

“US Enterprise” Department

Elon Musk: Americans Shouldn’t Give up Their Liberty so Easily
PragerU – 0:43


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