Invasion of the Tegu Lizards


Featured pic is not a tegu lizard.

Invasive tegu lizards ‘should be shot on sight’ if seen in Georgia, wildlife group says
BUGÜNKÜ HABERLER – May 15, 2020 – 1:55

h/t Vic on A♠ who linked to article and video on Fox:
“Tegus seen in Georgia can and should be shot on sight,” the Orianne [Conservation] Society wrote in a Facebook post.

Vic wrote: “Here is yet another example of why people should not be allowed to import exotic animals that are not native to this country to be sold in pet stores as ‘pets’.”

Here’s that very kind of culprit:

Cuddly Tegu Lizard Is So Spoiled By His Mom
The Dodo – Dec 8, 2017 – 1:43

Tegu Attacks Dog 01
ojatro – Apr 4, 2018 – 1:50

Wild World of Farley – Aug 19, 2019 – 11:07
Join me as I use my bow gear to help humanely take care of a serious dilemma here in Florida…one lizard at a time!

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