Old Joe’s Slowin’ Down

Biden, Born In 1942, Says The Farthest Back He Can Remember Is The 1970s
GOP War Room – 0:10

The Rageaholic
Yep. Biden’s Still A Bad Candidate.

“Keep It Down,” “Go Back To The Top:”
Biden Appears To Give Teleprompter Directions During Interview
GOP War Room

Joe Biden Struggles Without Teleprompter, Asks Staff to ‘Put that Back On’
Grabien – 0:17

Biden Forgets Size Of Stimulus Bill He Ran,
Corrects Himself,
Then Wrongly Says It Was $84 Billion
GOP War Room

Biden Confuses D-Day With Pearl Harbor
Washington Free Beacon – 0:27

Biden Is Bad With History
TheDC Shorts – 3:19

5 Times Joe Biden Should Have Retired
TheDC Shorts

Biden’s Racism
One America News – 2:08

Black Democrats Says Joe Biden Lost Many Black Voters
One America News

The Truth about Joe Biden’s Face Mask
One America News

If you made it all the way down here to the bottom of the post, here’s your reward.

Funniest Joe Biden Memes
TheDC Shorts



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