Hot Rod Lincoln

Alberta Oil Peon on A♠: There is a really fun performance of Hot Rod Lincoln to be found on EweToob, featuring Bill Kirchen, long-time guitarist with Commander Cody. It was a live concert in Washington, DC, and in the course of the song, he mimics the guitar style of about 20 different artists, and does it very well, too. It’s a real hoot.

Incidentally, Commander Cody (and many others) covered Hot Rod Lincoln. It was written by a country and rockabilly guy from eastern Washington, Charlie Ryan, and he actually built and drove the car described in the song. The car didn’t have eight cylinders, it had twelve. A Lincoln V12 from a Lincoln Zephyr of the ’40’s. The car still exists.


Hot Rod Lincoln
Charlie Ryan
(1955 Original)
Gary Cate – Apr 9, 2017 – 2:58
This is the “ORIGINAL” 1955 Record of The “Hot Rod” Lincoln by Charlie Ryan
Videographer & Producer: D J / V J “wildman Gary Cate

Charley Ryan and the Livingston Bros. - Hot Rod Lincoln cover.jpgWikipedia: Hot Rod Lincoln: “Hot Rod Lincoln” is a song by American singer-songwriter Charlie Ryan, first released in 1955. It was written as an answer song to Arkie Shibley’s 1950 hit “Hot Rod Race” which describes a race in San Pedro, Los Angeles between two hot rod cars, a Ford and a Mercury, which stay neck-and-neck until both are overtaken by “a kid in a hopped-up Model A”. “Hot Rod Lincoln” is sung from the perspective of this third driver….

A 1971 version, by country rock band Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen on their album Lost in the Ozone, became the most successful version of “Hot Rod Lincoln”….

I think the one below is what Alberta Oil Peon was talking about.

Bill Kirchen
“Hot Rod Lincoln”
Washington D.C.
paliazzar – Feb 2, 2011 – 10:01
NOW IN HD! Bill pays tribute to all the old school players while getting sound effects aplenty from his Fender in this live version of his hit single from 1972.

Since I already had this in draft, here’s the 1971 hit

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
Hot Rod Lincoln
Aug 7, 2018 – 2:44


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