Nip It In the Bud

Barney Fife: Nip It montage
Phillip Stegner – Feb 3, 2017 – 1:16
h/t publius on A♠

But, seriously…

h/t Rodrigo Borgia on A♠

RondinellaMamma on A♠:
Move over Rooftop Koreans – we now have the Cleveland Italian Bakery Italians.
THIS is how it’s done.
Ignore the jackass who filmed it, though.
Any morons living near Cleveland Little Italy give this place some support and buy some of their pastries.

CORBO’S BAKERY – Cleveland Protecting themselves & their store during LOOTING & DESTRUCTION!!
Justice Acclimated Growth 4 – May 31, 2020 – 2:37
Corbo’s bakery owners in Cleveland, Ohio are armed with guns in order to defend themselves and their business during the protest for George Floyd. The stores up and down the street around them in Playhouse Square where being looted and destroyed.

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