Reports from the Battlefronts

Catching up on reports from the battlefronts.
In oldest-to-newest order (mostly).
There will probably be much repeating of bits,
especially in Daily Caller videos.

Three dozen videos

Friday, May 29, 2020

Minneapolis is Burning to the Ground – National Guard being Deployed to Restore Order…
The Daily Wire – 13:02

Black Lives Matter Flood The Streets Of Washington DC
TheDC Shorts – 3:40

Tensions Rise In DC As Protesters Begin To Test Police
TheDC Shorts – 3:01

Protests Explode In Minneapolis For The Third Night, Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, Journalists Injured
TheDC Shorts – 8:13

Fox News Reporter Chased By Protesters Outside White House
TheDC Shorts – 4:04

Saturday, May 30, 2020

George Floyd protests in NYC turn violent
One America News – 2:28

Protests In Baltimore Are Becoming Violent
TheDC Shorts – 4:19

Protests Continue On Saturday Night In Response To George Floyd’s Death
TheDC Shorts – 5:32

Protests In Baltimore Show No Sign Of Stopping
TheDC Shorts – 3:25

Protesters Loot Across DC, Even In Calm Areas
TheDC Shorts – 4:47

Protests Kick Off Again In Baltimore
TheDC Shorts – 3:05

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Protesters Set Fire To Dumpsters Outside Of The White House
TheDC Shorts – 3:23

Fireworks Were Launched At Police Outside The White House
TheDC Shorts – 3:05

DC Looters Break Into An Electronics Store, Take Requests
TheDC Shorts – 3:55

NYPD Cars Drive Straight Into Protesters
Grabien – 0:28

The Moment The National Guard Arrived At The 5th Precinct
TheDC Shorts – 12:54

On The Ground In The DC Riots From A Reporters View
TheDC Shorts – 3:17

Diamond Store Hit As The Looting And Pillaging Begins
TheDC Shorts – 4:39

The White House Protest Descends Into Running Battles Across DC
TheDC Shorts – 4:51

Police Engage Protesters Outside The White House
TheDC Shorts – 3:08

Fires Rage Outside The White House
TheDC Shorts – 6:22

D.C. Mayor Enacts 11 P.M. Curfew, Protests Kicks Off For The Sixth Day
TheDC Shorts – 3:02

Tear Gas Deployed At The White House
TheDC Shorts – 3:44

The Aftermath Of The Tear Gas At The White House
TheDC Shorts – 2:40

Second Night Of Protests At The White House Starts With Bottles Being Thrown At Secret Service
TheDC Shorts – 3:37

“Don’t Destroy Your Community!” Man Admonishes Rioters
TheDC Shorts – 3:01

Monday, Jun 1, 2020

Protesters outside U.S. Capitol
C-SPAN – 9:41

The Mysterious Pallets Of Bricks During The Riots
TheDC Shorts – 3:15

Dozens of Secret Service Agents Injured by Violent Rioters Near White House
The Daily Wire – 5:50

Arrests Made As Protesters Make Their Way Through D.C. And Run Into Cops
TheDC Shorts – 3:36

This Cop Has A Message For The Protesters Still Out After The 7 pm Curfew
TheDC Shorts – 3:11

BREAKING: #Seattle IS NOW A #Warzone!!!
The Colored Conservatives – 1:24

American Gun Owners Help Each Other Defend Businesses, Homes, Against Rioters
MRCTV – 7:06


Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020


Man Uses A Gun To Clear Business Of Looters
TheDC Shorts – 3:15

Rubber bullets in DC — mounted police push back protest after warnings
Rebel News – 1:40

Protesters Protect Businesses From Looters
TheDC Shorts – 3:15


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