Speaking of the Rioting

Trump, Ted Cruz, Lori Lightfoot, Kayleigh McEnany
Carpe Donktum, Andrew Klavan, Zeducation,
Conservative Twins, Wild Bill, Prager U, Amazing Lucas,
OAN, GOP War Room, C-Span

Carpe Donktum:
It’s going to be Biblical
Jun 2, 2020 – 2:10

President Trump to designate ANTIFA as terrorist organization
One America News – 2:26

Much more below

President Trump Walks To, Pays Respects To St. John’s Church
GOP War Room – 5:43

President Trump walks across Lafayette Park to St. John’s Church
C-SPAN – 7:47

McEnany Calls Out Press For Saying Trump Is “Silent” On George Floyd Issue
TheDC Shorts – 3:06

McEnany Plays This Heart Warming Clip To Remind The Press Of How Americans Really Are
TheDC Shorts – 3:11

h/t vmom on A♠



Senator Ted Cruz: Rioting Cannot Be Tolerated
Ted Cruz – 6:28

Chicago Mayor To Trump: ‘F You’
TheDC Shorts – 3:18

A Touching ANTIFA profile
Carpe Donktum – 1:37

The Left Wants You To Wear A Mask While You Riot To Preserve Social Distancing
Andrew Klavan – 1:44

Celebrities Fuel Riot Meltdown
Obama calling Looters “Thugs”


George Floyd Autopsy Report Our Thoughts
Conservative Twins – 4:33

The Riots Over The Weekend, Our Thoughts.
Conservative Twins – 6:31

The White Guy’s Riot
Wild Bill for America – 2:27

Peaceful Civil Rights March vs. Violent Rioters and Looters
PragerU – 1:27

How to STOP the protests, riots, and looting
The Amazing Lucas – 15:05


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