InfoWars Journalist Incarcerated – FREED! -Updated Aug 18

Updated Aug 17 2:30pm CDST. For Aug 17 additions, click here
Updated Aug 18 12:15am CDST. For Aug 18 additions, click here

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Emergency legal defense fund for Millie Weaver
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Millie Weaver and her co-defendants are freed on bond
Peter Barry Chowka, American Thinker
h/t Skip on A♠

…Unconfirmed reports are that Millie Weaver’s and Gavin Wince’s two young children were returned to the couple after spending the weekend in the custody of child protective services.…

Original post:

Millie Weaver was arrested today on “burglary charges” just before her documentary was suppose to drop exposing Deep State actors and organizations.
It has been leaked. Watch now and download it before it’s gone.

Posted by: Widespread Pepe on A♠ at August 14, 2020 09:25 PM

Today, Infowars reporter Millie Weaver was arrested at her home. There is a lot of speculation surrounding her arrest due to the timing.

Spiro contacted the Portage County Sheriff’s Office and they confirmed Millie Weaver is in their custody. They also confirmed that she was served a secret indictment.

The charges Ms. Weaver faces are tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice and domestic violence. The Sheriff’s Office also confirmed she is being held without bond and will remain in custody over the weekend until she appears
before a judge on Monday morning.

She should have rioted and looted nothing would have happened to her

Posted by: TheQuietMan on A♠ at August 14, 2020 09:53 PM

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver ‘arrested’ mid-premiere of her whistleblowing investigation into ‘shadow government’

14 Aug, 2020 22:47

Investigative reporter Millie Weaver and her husband have reportedly been arrested at the same time her documentary on the US “shadow government” was being screened on YouTube, sending Conservative Twitter into theory overdrive.

Weaver’s “arrest” at the couple’s home – which has yet to be confirmed by authorities – was initially reported by Infowars on Friday, shortly after the YouTube premiere of her documentary film “ShadowGate.” The film purports to expose the secrets of the massive ‘Deep State’ intelligence apparatus manipulating politics within the US and beyond its borders, based on the reports of two private intelligence whistleblowers.

Video of the couple’s apparent arrest, shot by Weaver herself, was posted to Twitter by her Infowars colleague Adan Salazar, opening on Weaver asking in disbelief if “a grand jury indicted [her].”

According to Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, Weaver was actually arrested before she could release the documentary, but one of the whistleblowers involved, “Tore,” released it instead. Her Twitter account @Tore_Says was reportedly suspended immediately thereafter.…

Tore soon resurfaced on another account, however, accusing the state of Ohio of sitting on “FALSE CHARGE INDICTMENTS” against Weaver for three months – suggesting the indictment was months-old and the arrest had been deliberately timed to coincide with the film’s release.…

h/t Anonymous 7 on A♠

Still available as of Noon, CDST, Aug 15, 2020:

What They Don’t Want You To See

Tore Says – Aug 14, 2020 – 1:22:17
Banned by the tyrants at YouTube, of course.
Looking for a copy elsewhere.

>Added Aug 17:

Interesting tidbit on the Millie Weaver “burglary” arrest on Friday.

The easy recap – she had an argument at a family reunion and took her moms phone away. Of course, theres always a cop caller in the room. Cause we need to bring the state into our squabbles ya know.
Posted by: Menack on A♠ at August 16, 2020 10:56 AM

h/t @LbrYmemes on Twitter


Added Aug 18:

American Thinker – Millie Weaver
This case looks very dirty to me
Posted by: Skip on A♠ at August 17, 2020 05:05 AM

Millie Weaver faces her first court hearing this morning after being arrested and jailed last Friday
Peter Barry Chowka, American Thinker – August 17, 2020

…In an email to me, Doug Hagmann proposed a hypothesis to explain Weaver’s arrest, assuming for the moment that the post attributed to Felicia McCarron is real and accurate. Hagmann:

…Is Millie Weaver’s arrest related to the video? Most likely yes, but as I have described it, not necessarily in the way or manner people might think. Plus, exploiting a personal situation for political gain is simply not right and can be quite damaging. Ms. Weaver’s potential political enemies know this. I call this tactic “lawfare,” and suspect that it was an attempt to marginalize the credibility of Ms. Weaver and the video.

That is what I think happened. I cannot prove it. It is my personal opinion based on open sources and other reports so far, and on my more than three decades of professional experience.…


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