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other-peoples-video-iconVideos reflecting (some of) my viewing interests, for your amusement or edification or aggravation as case may be.

I would put a video here talking about it, but, then, it would be mine, and not other people’s videos.

Inclusion of a video in one of these playlists should not be considered support of the viewpoints expressed therein, in all cases.

You don’t have to watch all the way through every video, you know.

Watching YouTube playlists hints

Viewing Order


I do sort the playlists in an order I hope is entertaining and easy to watch, but you can watch the videos in any order. Click on the symbol in the upper corner for the whole list.

View Next Video

yt-nxt-vid-buttonWhen playing a video in YouTube playlist, the button at the bottom left (right-pointing triangle, vertical bar) will take you to the next video in the playlist.

Changing playback speed