What is Science Without the Scientist?

The profound question of this title is not answered in these videos.

4 Animals That Don’t Have Resident Gut Microbiomes
Mar 29, 2020

We humans couldn’t live without our gut microbes, but not all animals rely on microscopic digestive communities like we do. And understanding why these animals ditched their microbial partners can teach us a lot about the costs and benefits of making evolutionary friends. Hosted by: Michael Aranda

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Ozzy Man Reviews: Tortoise vs Cat #2

Mar 25, 2020 – 3:16
Here’s me commentary on a massive brawl between a tortoise and a cat. Technically, this is a sequel considering I’ve commentated a tortoise vs cat video before. Amazing scenes. Source video can be seen HERE: https://youtu.be/wU9dY_4Adso

Critterday c/o Ace ♠ (sidebar)

Picked these up from Ace’s sidebar (kind of a sub-blog except nothing gets archived). The sloth one is h/t Jane D’Oh.

Inside a Baby Sloth Orphanage and Rescue Center
National Geographic – Jul 15, 2014 – 4:44
When orphaned baby sloths are hungry or adults lose their habitat, Yiscel Yángüez and Néstor Correa are on the case. They run an animal rescue center in Gamboa, Panama, and specialize in sloth rehabilitation and relocation. For the two of them, releasing healthy sloths back into the wild can be a bittersweet experience.

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Classics Revisited

Guy Smiley on A♠ linked to this classic from August, 2018. I do miss Sarah.


Bad Lip Reading – Aug 23, 2018 – 2:59
How White House press briefings sound in Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ head…

Say! That reminds me! I had a playlist of memorable YouTubes I collected through 2019. Looks like I added sixteen random mostly funny videos.

To see the playlist, click the vidlist-menu-button symbol.

Vandal caught h/t chrissy on PoliNation
Where’s Matt h/t Bluebird of Bitterness