Flying Monkeys!

…On this day in 1939 The Wizard of Oz premiered at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California.

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So… on this day in 1939 little children were terrified by flying monkeys for the first time.

Nowadays we elect them to Congress.

EdMcMahon: “whoa-ho!”

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CinemaSins did the Wizard of Oz. It’s pretty funny….

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Everything Wrong With The Wizard of Oz
CinemaSins – Dec 7, 2019 – 7:13


Hiroshima, 1945

Archive footage of Hiroshima bombing
The Telegraph – Aug 6, 2013 – 1:13
The Boeing B29 Stratofortress bomber aircraft ‘Enola Gay’ dropped the first atomic weapon used in combat over the Japanese city of Hiroshima at 08:15 local time on 6 August 1945.

Last Enola Gay member remembers the bomb
CNN – Aug 4, 2012 – 6:45
“Dutch” Van Kirk, the last surviving crew member of the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima reminisces.

In Search of… Michael Rockefeller

Someone somewhere happened to mention the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller, which I probably knew about at one time but long since forgot. So I looked it up and found this In Search of… episode. I haven’t watched many In Search of…, but this fits the pattern I noticed in other episodes: Background and what is known are well portrayed, followed by wild and evidence-free theories and speculations, ending with fifteen minutes of maybe it was aliens. 😉

TV Time Capsule – Oct 6, 2019 – 21:49
An examination of the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in New Guinea in 1961. Many different theories are explored for his disappearance including drowning, shark attack, cannibalism or even the possibility that Michael did not die.