Amazement and Laughter, the Natural Tonics

Fighting Cabin Fever with humor and fun

  • Joseph’s Machines spices things up
  • Two Southern Things – one is epidemic-mention-free!
  • Conservative Momma Clears Up the Confusion
  • Simon’s Cat is tired of hide-at-home
  • Ozzy Man Reviews fails – painful classics
  • Zeducation says No Laughing
  • The Slow Mo Guys throw glitter

Joseph’s Machines:
Pass The Pepper: Social Distancing is Nothing to Sneeze At
Apr 14, 2020 – 5:12
Use this fool-proof method for completely safe, germ-free passing of condiments across the table.

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Floe Floating Arctic Antics

I don’t seem to be able to embed this video of people floating on an ice floe in a river.

So here’s this instead. [7:03]

Arctic Antics is a Silly Symphonies animated Disney short film. It was released on June 26, 1930. The director of the short is uncertain. Ub Iwerks’ name is on the draft, but Iwerks had left the Walt Disney Studio four months before the animators started producing the cartoon. Wikipedia