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Dr. Birx of Coronavirus Task Force Explains Second Wave Concerns
The Daily Wire
Mar 29, 2020
Dr. Birx responses [sic] to fears over a second wave should the economy open back up and how they are using data to come together over an appropriate response to when to stop lockdowns.

Jump to 0:26 (clip should start there) to skip Ben’s squeaky rapid patter question and get right to Doctor vocalfry uptalk’s information.


Targeting Barr

Dems attacking Barr has everbody stuttering in disbelief.

Why Barr was correct in refusing to testify today

One America News Network

Democrats TARGET William Barr

The Amazing Lucas — Turns out that the reticle is now on AG William Barr for lying about a report that he put out in full for the entire public to view. Let that sink in.

Ted Cruz: The Democrats Are Attacking Trump Through Barr

The Daily Wire — Ben Shapiro speaks with GOP Texas Senator Ted Cruz about Attorney General William Barr’s appearance at the Senate hearings.

Why Has the West Been So Successful?

I usually like PragerU videos. This one was a little harder to listen to than usual. Besides Ben Shapiro’s nasally voice itself, he has an insistent, staccato delivery. I usually turn off his radio show when I stumble upon it. I listened to this one all the way through, anyway. 😀

The Western world has produced some of the most prosperous and most free civilizations on earth. What makes the West exceptional? Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire and author of “The Right Side of History,” explains that the twin pillars of revelation and reason — emanating from ancient Jerusalem and Athens — form the bedrock for Western civilization’s unprecedented success.

From Mindful Webworks site:

Equals Shapiro

For no particular reason except silliness

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