Catching Up on Science

I’m now up to about two months behind on many of my YouTube subscriptions. I’ll never catch up to all of them, but I’ll catch up to some of them.

  • What’s Up: August 2020 Skywatching Tips from NASA
  • People May Have Walked North America 30,000 Years Ago
  • 3 New Missions Just Left for Mars!
  • Cloud Cities of Venus: Settling Earth’s Twin

What’s Up: August 2020 Skywatching Tips from NASA
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Jul 31, 2020 – 2:52

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Science Measures Reality

Where Are All the Tiny Dinosaurs?

SciShow – Mar 17, 2020 – 3:57
What was the smallest non-avian dinosaur, and why were there so few tiny dinos running around the Mesozoic? Hosted by: Stefan Chin

Jupiter Is a Jerk… and Also Our Friend

SciShow Space – Mar 17, 2020 – 5:02
The largest planet in our solar system is no stranger to throwing its weight around, both to our benefit and detriment here on Earth. Host: Caitlin Hofmeister


Why Scientists Keep Trying to Break This 18th Century Law

SciShow – Mar 16, 2020 – 5:47
It’s usually not a great idea to break laws, but breaking the laws of science is an exception! In fact, it’s often how we make progress. Hosted by: Stefan Chin

It’s Full of Science!

The Discovery of Uranus

The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered
Mar 13, 2020 – 15:50
In 1781, an oboe player discovered the first new planet since antiquity. The History Guy recalls a solar system shattering event that represented an era of scientific inquiry. It is history that deserves to be remembered.

An earlier version included an error regarding Uranus’ orbit.

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The Square Root of Science

I have no idea what this post’s title might mean. This was after I considered “Science, it’s got what the body craves.”

What Animal Dominates Earth?

SciShow – Feb 20, 2020 – 5:31
There is a group of animals with more species than any other group, but Earth has such an astonishing variety of life that figuring out which group dominates is tricky. Hosted by: Stefan Chin

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