Speaking of the Rioting

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Carpe Donktum, Andrew Klavan, Zeducation,
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Carpe Donktum:
It’s going to be Biblical
Jun 2, 2020 – 2:10

President Trump to designate ANTIFA as terrorist organization
One America News – 2:26

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Top of the Dem Ticket


h/t JackStraw on A♠

I’m going to give Joe the benefit of the doubt on this one. He clearly meant “be” and he clearly said “beat,” so I presume he simply morphled “be Joe Biden” with “beat Donald Trump.” Could happen to anyone.

But this next one: cutting Joe no slack.


c/o Twitchy
h/t Anonosaurus Wrecks on A♠

Joe Biden: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.”


The full interview video on YouTube

That time Joe Biden appeared on M*A*S*H

M*A*S*H Season 3, Episode 1
The General Flipped at Dawn
Harry Morgan as Maj. Gen. Bartford Hamilton Steele

The M*A*S*H crew so enjoyed working with Harry Morgan in this episode, they invited him later to the regular role of Col. Potter the next year.

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