Richmond Rally Reports

2A Rally Sends Message Over Fences – And Over To VA Lawmakers

MRCTV – Jan 20, 2020 – 2:43
Tens of thousands turned up in Richmond, Virginia on Monday to send a gun rights message over to the State Capitol – and over a fence.

Virginia Gun Rally: Is Gun Ownership a Right?

PragerU – Jan 21, 2020 – 4:56
Tens of thousands of gun rights activists protested the left’s assault on the 2nd Amendment in Virginia. A HUGE turnout!

Asking VA Gun Rally Attendees Why The 2nd Amendment Matters

CampusReform – Jan 21, 2020 – 5:18
Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Cabot Phillips went to this week’s pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia to ask attendees why the 2nd Amendment matters today and what misconceptions people have about gun owners.

The purpose of the Virginia gun rally was to lobby lawmakers in Virginia to oppose restrictive gun measures being proposed by Governor Ralph Northam

Virginia 2A Rally – Gun owners protest Governor Northam’s sweeping gun control measures

Colion Noir – Jan 21, 2020 – 4:43

Here’s What Happened at the Richmond, Virginia Gun-Rights Rally

Washington Free Beacon – Jan 21, 2020 – 11:45
Reporter Stephen Gutowski traveled to the Richmond capitol grounds to speak to gun-rights advocates lobbying the Virginia state government to drop plans for restrictive new gun laws.

Activists from all over the state and the country were there to protest Gov. Ralph Northam’s gun-control proposals, including Phil Van Cleave, the president of the Virginia Civil Defense League.


Zeducation – Jan 20, 2020 – 6:37
Unbelievable guys. Unbelievable.

Texas Churchgoers Stop Murderer

Gunman kills parishioner before being shot and killed by another parishioner at Texas church
CBS Evening News – Dec 29, 2019 – 2:15

Armed church members shoot active shooter inside packed Texas church during a livestreamed communion
Colion Noir – Dec 29, 2019 – 3:09

Shooting Up Churches
Wild Bill for America – Dec 29, 2019 – 4:44
Persecution of Christians is rising up in the USA.
Bill calls for men and women of faith to stand strong!

Twins, Noir: Sheila Jackson Lee and AR-15s

Sheila Jackson Lee Lies About AR-15s

Bewarned: Language and graphic violence from movies

Conservative Twins – 2019 Sep 25
Sheila Jackson Lee: AR-15 Heavy as 10-boxes, and fire .50 caliber bullets. Sheila Jackson Lee Gets AR-15s All Wrong.

Sheila Jackson Lee: AR-15 Heavy as 10-boxes, and fire .50 caliber bullets

Colion Noir – Sep 24, 2019