Ray Stevens – “Quarantined”

Ray Stevens – “Quarantined”
Live on Larry’s Country Diner, 2020
raystevensmusic – May 25, 2020 – 3:36
h/t Bluebird of Bitterness
“Two more weeks of quarantine will be the death of me!” Here’s a brand new song from Ray Stevens called “Quarantine”. It was written by Buddy Kalb and this video was filmed during Ray’s video appearance on Larry’s Country Diner. Check it out and have a laugh!

Phyllis Diller with Groucho Marx on You Bet Your Life

YouTube recommended this to me. I’m glad it did.

Cladrite Radio – Aug 20, 2012 – 13:18
The late, great Phyllis Diller was an aspiring young comic when she appeared on You Bet Your Life in 1958. Groucho thought she was very funny, and the appearance proved to be a big boost to her career.

Phyllis Diller Picture

Links to IMDb:
Phyllis Diller
You Bet Your Life
Episode #8.19 ran on Jan 30, 1958

Diller pic: IMDb

Marx Bros: hammersmithacademy.org