Crystal Lassies at the 1939 Worlds Fair

Warning: faded, grainy, black-and-white film of dancing topless gals.
Reminiscent of squinting at scrambled adult cable channels — “I thought I saw a neepul!”
The music has been added.

Crystal Lassies (1939 Worlds Fair answer to Sally Rand)
Sonny Watson – Apr 6, 2013 – 5:34
h/t MachiasPrivateer on A♠
also getting the banned back together on A♠ – Crystal Lassies (1939 Worlds fair answer to Sally Rand). Burlesque type.

……….. Sign outside the Crystal Palace stated that:
“The New York Fair’s more than Adequate Answer to the Sally Rand Question.
Nine Girls Dancing Solo in Five Minute Relays Multiplied Hundreds of times from every conceivable angle ……….. Daring but Beautiful.”

Dancers included are Spanish type, Burlesque / Risque type, a Twirly Girlie, a Fan Dancer and more.

for more info on Dance, Sally Rand and many others see: Continue reading “Crystal Lassies at the 1939 Worlds Fair”


Thumbs Up – Biting cat

Ummm…… I don’t know Japanese, and I don’t know why they make these dancing disco girlie videos, or what all the hand-flailing and gyrations and costumes mean or allude to — that anime stuff, probably. Anyway, I had this up, so I thought I’d pass it along. Girlie is cute, anyway. h/t Anna Puma on A♠ who links to such things.

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