SciShow: How 5G Cell Service Could Hurt Weather Forecasts

Good weather forecasts save lives, but scientists are worried that 5G transmissions could drown out frequencies measured by weather satellites, setting weather forecasts back decades.

Special thanks to Roger Saunders, Ph.D. from the UK Met Office; Peter Iannucci, Ph.D. from UT Austin; and Dan Billow, AMS from WESH-TV.

Hosted by: Hank Green


Digital humans that look just like us

Or like anything we want. Terrifying technology, but Doug Roble focuses on the Wow! That rare beast, a tolerable Ted talk.

TED — In an astonishing talk and tech demo, software researcher Doug Roble debuts “DigiDoug”: a real-time, 3-D, digital rendering of his likeness that’s accurate down to the scale of pores and wrinkles. Powered by an inertial motion capture suit, deep neural networks and enormous amounts of data, DigiDoug renders the real Doug’s emotions (and even how his blood flows and eyelashes move) in striking detail. Learn more about how this exciting tech was built — and its applications in movies, virtual assistants and beyond.