Paisley Haz-Mat Suits for the Whole Family

h/t Ace of Spades ♠ — The Leftwing Democrat-Media Complex Has Given Moral Permission to Leftwing Lunatics to Literally Attack People For Not Wearing Masks


BTW, you know all that temperature-taking some places have been doing?

In one recent study, researchers found that only one individual out of 147 who tested positive in a homeless shelter in Boston, Massachusetts, would have met the official criterion for testing — a fever.
—Amy Maxmen,, May 7, 2020

h/t Charles Darwin on A♠


What’s Really Happening

Dr. Birx of Coronavirus Task Force Explains Second Wave Concerns
The Daily Wire
Mar 29, 2020
Dr. Birx responses [sic] to fears over a second wave should the economy open back up and how they are using data to come together over an appropriate response to when to stop lockdowns.

Jump to 0:26 (clip should start there) to skip Ben’s squeaky rapid patter question and get right to Doctor vocalfry uptalk’s information.