Geezer v Mugger

I especially like where the old guy starts doing the “c’mon, c’mon” gesture. Mugger must’ve been unpleasantly surprised.
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Grammas Get Puppies

Tissue tissues Alert


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Grandma brought to instant tears when surprised with new puppy

Rumble Viral – Jan 17, 2020 – 0:41
These grandparents’ last dog passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly sudden last year, and they’ve been asking for a puppy for months. Today, her family was able to surprise her with a new puppy!

Feels odd to be in folks’ living room at intense emotional moments, but they can be nice to see. YouTube started out to be a way to share just such moments. Continue reading “Grammas Get Puppies”

“Old Coots” dole out wisdom at Salt Lake City farmer’s market

CBS Evening News
Published on Jul 26, 2019
Every summer Saturday, a group of senior citizens in Salt Lake City take questions and give advice from a stand at the farmer’s market. Under the banner “Old Coots Giving Advice,” lines of locals form to glean wisdom from these old souls. Steve Hartman reports from “On the Road.”

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