Wuhan Below Water Level

Hope the Wuhan Flu lab is up on a hill or there could be some dire consequences!
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The Yangtze River is already a hanging river above the citizens of Wuhan


Not That Side, The Other Side. No, The Other Other Side. No…

Another reason to bring back full-service gas stations.
I do wish folks would learn which way to hold the cell phone.
Viral Hub – Jun 29, 2020 – 4:21
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Automotive industry experts suggest that only one in ten drivers know about the gas tank indicator arrow, AAA Mid-Atlantic says. –6ABC

The Inventor of the Little Arrow that Tells You What Side the Fuel Filler Is On Has Finally Been Found

Tulsa: Epic Wheelie Fail

Epic Wheelie Fail: Anti-Trump Agitators Humiliated After Falling Off ATV
Breitbart News – Jun 20, 2020 – 2:15
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Hopeful Trump rally attendees had a good laugh late Friday evening as a couple of anti-Trump agitators fell flat on their butts while attempting a wheelie on their ATV.

Simpsons_Nelson_Muntz_haha2“…Throughout the evening, motorists in all types of vehicles have been driving by the camped out crowd revving their engines and screaming things like ‘F__k Donald Trump.’…” –Amanda House, Breitbart