Honest Doctors – The Suppressed Truth

Andrew Torba on Gab

A groups of doctors who are on the frontlines held a press conference in DC to debunk all of the lies about Covid. This video is being censored off of Youtube, FB, and Twitter.

Please share the link to this Gab post far and wide:

People don’t need a Gab account in order to view the video from this link. Gab exists for moments like this. People need to see this video. We are all being conned because it’s an election year.

And just in case something happens to that…

…The Honest Doctor links, there are 2 of them, yesterday and today are at Breitbart, and here:

Day 1 (yesterday) 45 minutes:

Day 2 (today) 27 minutes:

suggestion: skip day 2 after the presser is over. Just white noise from scraggler protesters.

Now, forward these links to people you know.

Every other source of information is censoring them.

Update: apparently Breitbart has been eliminated from Google searches! Hence, I am guessing, MisHum’s link went to gmail instead of the Breitbart video that got Don Jr, the Prez, and others censored.

And update #2: The Honest Doctors website, which I looked at yesterday, has also been taken down. Squarespace was their internet provider.

We are witnessing the New War Against America, in real time!

Posted by: LeftCoast Dawg at July 28, 2020 10:28 PM

Squarespace Shuts Down America’s Frontline Doctors Website

Lucas Nolan – Breitbart – July 28, 2020

Website hosting provider Squarespace has shut down the website of the group America’s Frontline Doctors following a press conference they held in Washington D.C., according to Dr. Simone Gold. According to a screenshot posted by Gold, the web hosting service shut down the group’s website for “activity that’s false, fraudulent, inaccurate or deceiving.”

Fauxshee, This Guy!

Pam Key, Breitbart – Jul 29, 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci said the video retweeted by President Donald Trump that featured doctors at a press conference touting Hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment was “people spouting something that isn’t true.”


Cognitive Dissonance in the Media

Watch CNN’s Keilar LOSE IT on air and Twitter as Trump 2020’s Murtaugh SCHOOLS her on Hydroxychloroquine

J.C McCallum, NewsThud – July 23, 2020
h/t J.J. Sefton’s Morning Report on A♠

…She doesn’t realize it, and her pathetic Twitter thread doesn’t realize it, and the collective mass of Trump deranged media don’t realize it, but everything he said was irrefutable. He simply said facts.

He didn’t say “go take hydroxychloroquine all by your lonesome without a doctor or diagnosis” or any of that mess that Keilar, in her dramatic hysteria, wants you to THINK he did as she intoned so gravely about doing a “disservice to the health of Americans” or whatever other speech she borrowed from America’s greatest monster Aaron Sorkin.

He said about this drug, like responsible people say about various drugs all the time, that it some doctors prescribe it and some doctors and studies say it helps, and that taking it won’t instantly kill you or melt you like the Wicked Witch caught in a cloudburst.…

It’s not that they don’t know anything; it’s that so much of what they do know is wrong.

Preventions Worse than the Disease

h/t Hands on A♠


Alas, this video and the very account have been deleted. Wish I’d saved a copy.

In an epidemic, it’s important to have careful, accurate tracking and reporting on cases, recoveries, symptoms, and deaths. However…

Robert Fletcher – Jul 6, 2020 – 1:56
h/t Hrothgar on A♠
I’m just going to leave this here! WTF? They finally admitted it.

But, circling back to the four-year-old’s complaint above… (now deleted, alas)

Amazing Polly:
Is This Torture?
Jul 1, 2020 – 43:14
h/t illiniwek on A♠, who recommends starting at the 17:18 mark.

In this video I start off slow but pick up steam as I submit the evidence and examples.
By comparing our situation to the study of torture & coercion on Prisoners of War, I believe it becomes clear that what we are being put through with the virus response is a near perfect parallel to the Amnesty International definition of torture & Bidermans ‘Chart of Coercion.’