A Rough Draft (2020) – SF Trailer

Rapid Trailer – Feb 9, 2020 – 2:07

Warning: violence and stuff

Ran across this somewhere. Can’t say as I’d rush to the theater to watch it (but I don’t go to the theater for anything nowadays). Nothing on IMDb about it, yet.

If The Matrix were run by Cruella with a time machine. Or something. Lotsa FX.


About It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life: 50 Things You Don’t Need to Know

A Million Movies – Dec 11, 2017 – 18:21
It’s not Christmas until George Bailey’s mouth is bleeding, he finds ZuZu’s petals in his pocket, and he becomes the richest man in Bedford Falls. Join me as I explore some known and some not-so-known facts about the ultimate Christmas movie.

Bonus video, the melodious voice of Tom Bosley.

The Making Of It’s A Wonderful Life

Bashcrew83 – Dec 4, 2013 – 22:45
From 1990

Touch of Evil (1958) Opening Sequence

h/t ShainS on A♠

Touch of Evil (1958) — The Opening Sequence (Welles’ original)

Fix Me A Scene – Apr 13, 2017 – 3:59
Movie: Touch of Evil (1958)
Scene: The Opening Sequence (version released in 1998)
Touch of Evil is a 1958 crime drama film noir, written, directed by, and co-starring Orson Welles. The screenplay was loosely based on the novel Badge of Evil by Whit Masterson.

The film opens with a three-minute, twenty-second tracking shot widely considered by critics as one of the greatest long takes in cinema history.

More info at the YouTube page.