Anthem – Hello People

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Somewhere, somehow, decades ago, I acquired two albums by The Hello People. Singing, musical mimes. Whut? Some interesting songs, unique sound. I don’t recall ever actually seeing them, though, until I searched on YooToob just now.

This song reflects an interesting mix of feelings, and reflects the confusions of the times – partly sounds like hippie political protest, love beats h8, but also laments sending out troops to round up those who worship God instead of the state.

Back when I used to listen to their albums… I didn’t think very deeply politically. Just liked the mellow folky sound. And that no one else seemed to have ever heard of them.

Doug Pratt – Jun 3, 2010 – 4:14
The Hello People performing “Anthem”, by Wrightson “Sonny” Tongue, on the “Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”. Aired February 23, 1969.

Hello People