The History Guy: 1960 New Jersey BOMARC Missile Fire

The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered
1960 New Jersey BOMARC Missile Fire
May 11, 2020 – 13:49
When the Soviet Union acquired nuclear weapons, the United States decided to field nuclear surface to air missiles to defend against Soviet bombers. Less than a year after being deployed, one of those missiles caught fire and exploded in rural New Jersey. The History Guy recalls a forgotten accident that occurred at the height of Cold War tensions.


History, Large and Small

1815 Eruption of Mount Tambora
The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered
May 6, 2020 – 15:43
In 1815, the volcano Mount Tambora on the island of Sumbawa in the Dutch East Indies erupted in the most explosive volcanic eruption in human history. The explosion affected the world’s climate, changing history in surprising ways. The History Guy recalls the forgotten history of the year without a summer.


Peanuts and Forgotten History
The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered
May 8, 2020 – 12:30
Peanuts are a billion dollar a year industry in the United States. From a South American herb to a product that 90% of Americans eat on a regular basis, the story of how peanuts have pleased palates throughout history deserves to be remembered.

The Pastry War – History Guy

The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered
May 4, 2020 – 13:00
A French pastry chef known only as Monsieur Remontel complained to King Louis-Philippe of France that his pastry shop had been looted, and the Mexican government had refused to pay for the damages. The stolen pastry was used as a casus belli for a French intervention that would have a lasting impact of the history of Mexico. The History Guy recalls a brief and nearly forgotten foreign intervention that would have an out-sized impact.