Surviving Quarantine

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Handwashing is important: watch and learn!

Hitler reacts to being quarantined by the Coronavirus [4:06]

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Not the best Hitler Reacts video ever, but, hey, Downfall Meme sadly funny anyway. Loudness alert on start (and end).


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Persia, Before

Iran (Persia) 1973 under the Shah

MichaelRogge – Nov 29, 2013 – 11:53
An 8mm amateur movie of a visit to Persia under the Shah. Looks quite peaceful. It was a silent film,. I improvised a soundtrack.


Supplemental pix: Afghanistan (parts of it) comparable to the Shah’s Iran

h/t Jane D’oh on A♠: Afghan women in Kabul in the 70s:

h/t Jane D’oh on A♠: Afghan women, circa 1950s-60s shopping for albums.

Is Iran Cracking

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Is Iran Cracking by Ace of Spades

Many good videos and posts and tweets and Ace♠ commentary.

Two Iranian TV journalists have resigned in protest of the regime, one apologizing for having told “lies” on behalf of the mullahs for thirteen years.

Much of this is sparked by the revelation that it was Iran that shot down the Ukrainian airliner, after days of lies that it had simply crashed.

So: The Iranian media blames the mullahs for the downed aircraft, while the allegedly “American” media blames Trump.

I have read the fellow who shot the following has been arrested.

Can You Find Iran on a Map?

PragerU – Jan 15, 2020 – 4:12
Americans have strong opinions about U.S. involvement with Iran after the killing of Soleimani (“here comes WWIII!”). Will Witt asked students at UCLA for their thoughts (and also whether they can point out Iran on a world map). Enjoy!