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In case you missed it at Bluebird of Bitterness: Happy Birthday Louis (Aug 4)

It’s the birthday of the American musician, band leader, composer, and singer Louis Daniel Armstrong (1901-1971). He was the grandson of slaves and grew up in poverty in New Orleans, being shuttled back and forth between various dysfunctional relatives. He dropped out of school when he was eleven and spent some time in juvenile detention, but through it all, his love for music inspired and sustained him, and ultimately led to his becoming one of the most popular and influential jazz musicians of the twentieth century.


Frank Zappa – Flakes

Frank Zappa on MV – Sep 12, 2014 – 4:50
h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on Ace♠ Overnight Thread Zappathon 2020

Recorded Live: 10/13/1978 – Capitol Theatre – Passaic, NJ

Frank Zappa – guitar, vocals
Denny Walley – slide guitar, vocals
Ike Wiilis – guitar, vocals
Patrick O’Hearn – bass
Arthur Barrow – bass
Tommy Mars – keyboards
Peter Wolf – keyboards
Vinnie Colaiuta – drums
Ed Mann – percussion

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