Losing the View

It wasn’t easy, but I did watch the entire clip. Whoopie is nuts; everything she says is nuts. Ignoring that…

Joy! She’s living in a lunatic asylum world of her own. Starting at 0:33:

“The one thing about Trump is that he didn’t think he was going to win. And he didn’t care whether he won or not. He was just interested in promoting his businesses, really, through the Presidency.” [Joy almost looks like she was choking on that hairball.]

I remember so well, it was Joe Dan Gormon’s Intellectual Froglegs, back during the campaign, that convinced me, Trump is never in anything to lose; he’s in it to win it. Hit me like a bucket of ice water: Oh! Right! So much winning since, too. Joy’s an idiot.

Washington Free Beacon — Beto Loses The View