The Opposition, May 15, 2020





Politifact Calls Liz Wheeler a “Pants on Fire” Liar. She Destroys Them.

One America News Network

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1Yr Ago on Mar 30, 2019

Here’s the Other People’s Videos featured one year ago.

It’s Saturday Night at the Video Trough

Let’s start with something everyone can enjoy
unless you hate dancing and dogs.

h/t naturalfake commenting on Ace of Spades

Liz Wheeler’s unearthing of buried news. Always odd to hear about what “mainstream media” won’t tell me, since I so rarely see MSM except in mocking video clips online.

Mark Dice on the Crazy Green Deal

Amazing Lucas: Next Up: Separate Drinking Fountains?
Lucas goes after the “Black Press Only” event in Georgia.
Have to wonder: Paper bag test?

Europe Since the 1300s Course
Well, I haven’t been following the Crash Courses, and I haven’t seen Hank Green’s brother for a long time. Nice thing about Hank and the science shows is, except when they wander into PC climate and other ideas, they’re apolitical, as science should be. John’s inclinations are always showing.  But this is still a good 6-minute overview. Even if I never watch the rest of the series.

Pulsars and Superbugs
Here’s brother Hank with the Science news. Crazy space stuff and sanitary metal. Isn’t science amazing?

Impeachment – Season Finale

A chance to compare and contrast PragerU’s Will Witt and OAN’s Liz Wheeler.

What Is Impeachment? (And How Does It Work?)

PragerU – Dec 6, 2019 – 1:35
You’re hearing a lot about impeachment in the news, but what is it and how does the process work? Will Witt breaks it down.


FACT CHECK: The Truth about Impeachment

One America News Network – Dec 5, 2019 – 3:36

Democrats are Nervous

GOP – Dec 6, 2019 – 0:45

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