Vsauce: Two Envelopes Paradox

For once, I (kinda sorta) saw the trick to this right off the bat. A particularly funny episode.

Vsauce2 – Nov 25, 2019 – 12:57

*** Not a real offer, for educational purposes only. I don’t have two envelopes filled with money. I don’t have any envelopes OR any money. ***
In The Two Envelopes Paradox — also called the Exchange Paradox — you know what the right answer is almost immediately. Until you don’t. And then you do. And then you’re not sure.

VSauce: The Dot Game That Breaks Your Brain

Vsauce2 – Published on Aug 26, 2019

On Tuesday, February 21, 1967, in the math department common room of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, the world of pencil and paper math games changed. John Conway and Michael Paterson were trying to invent a brand new simple-to-play, hard-to-analyze game, and the result came to be known as Sprouts. …

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Vsauce2: The McNugget Number

Vsauce2 — The Frobenius Number — also called the McNugget Number — is the highest number you *can’t* make out of two integers that have a greatest common divisor of 1. This late 19th-century math quirk was examined by Ferdinand Frobenius and expanded on by JJ Sylvester, but it came to public consciousness by examining the impossible orders of McDonald’s McNuggets in the United Kingdom.