The Penalty for Treason

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Somewhat related, in regards to legal eagle-isms… print this and carry with you.
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Less related, but (darkly) funny:
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We’re All Stuck on this Planet Together

Look Up Together
APOD Videos – Apr 21, 2020

This is a very nice time-lapse of night skies, h/t Brown Line on A♠.

I recommend you stop watching at 1:12 when it for some reason mutates into a “we’re all in this together” blurb. Sheesh!

Quarantine Around The World
Mr Reagan – Apr 24, 2020 – 35:26

Biden: Lead Lemming

Trump energy policy: More of it.
Democrat energy policy: Less of it.

Joe Biden Pledges Renewed War On Coal:
“No One Is Going To Build Another Coal Plant In America”

GOP War Room – Dec 9, 2019 – 0:45
Former Vice President Joe Biden pledges a renewed war on coal by saying “no one is going to build another coal plant in America” during an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin taped on 12/6/2019.

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