In Search of… Michael Rockefeller

Someone somewhere happened to mention the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller, which I probably knew about at one time but long since forgot. So I looked it up and found this In Search of… episode. I haven’t watched many In Search of…, but this fits the pattern I noticed in other episodes: Background and what is known are well portrayed, followed by wild and evidence-free theories and speculations, ending with fifteen minutes of maybe it was aliens. 😉

TV Time Capsule – Oct 6, 2019 – 21:49
An examination of the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in New Guinea in 1961. Many different theories are explored for his disappearance including drowning, shark attack, cannibalism or even the possibility that Michael did not die.



Enemy Unknown- UFOs in Viet Nam

I have a bunch of videos that I’ve had partially drafted, some for many months.
Cleaning Out the Video Backlog #1

Bedtime Stories- Feb 24, 2019 – 21:16
h/t Anna Puma
When the movie Predator released in 1987, audiences were captivated as they watched an unseen, extra-terrestrial interloper stalk and kill a highly trained team of US special forces. Little did we know that during the Vietnam war, the militaries on both sides had been attacked by something just as frightening and just as bizarre; a true to life enemy unknown.

Science – It’s Everywhere!

Where is all the antimatter?
The End of Physics?
Why Can’t Kids Just Take Smaller Doses?
Magic Trick That’s Actually Math

Where is all the antimatter?
Unsolved Mystery in Physics

Dr. Becky – Feb 26, 2020 – 16:11
Anti-matter and matter were both made at the same time in the Big Bang – so why is everything around us now made of matter?

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