COVID ‘Silver Bullet’ Budesonide Empties Hospital ICU

Dr. Richard Bartlett’s COVID ‘Silver Bullet’ Budesonide Empties Hospital ICU
One America News Network – Jul 11, 2020 – 3:45
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Dr. Richard Bartlett shared exclusive news with OAN about how asthma medicine Budesonide emptied a hospital ICU after being used to treat coronavirus. One America’s Amanda Brilhante has more.

George Floyd Cause of Death

Police transcripts challenge mainstream media’s take on Floyd’s death

One America News Network – Jul 15, 2020 – 3:56
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Police transcripts from George Floyd’s arrest are raising concerns over the official cause of his death. One America’s Kristian Rouz looks into the matter.

Trump vs Tech Tyrants

President Trump on Executive Order on Social Media Content
C-SPAN – May 28, 2020 – 3:29
President Trump: “I’m signing an Executive Order to protect and uphold the free speech and rights of the American people. Currently, social media giants like Twitter receive an unprecedented liability shield based on the theory that they are a neutral platform, which they are not.”

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