Out There on the YooToobs

h/t All Hail Eris, She-Wolf of the ‘Ettes ‘Ettes on A♠
I went down the YouTube rabbit hole and somehow landed on this bit of early 70’s animated psychedelia. Don’t eat the Ronald Reagan acid!

Bandersnatch: The entire 1970s was a conspiracy to give us all epileptic seizures.


Vince Collins – Sep 6, 2009 – 2:59
U. S. International Communication Agency (formerly know as the Information Agency) grant project – an attempt to liven up the otherwise banal and uneventful “Bicentennial” celebration.


You’re a Grand Old Flag – Billy Murray (1906)

You’re a Grand Old Flag – Billy Murray (1906)
Nathaniel Jordon – Dec 1, 2012 – 2:39
h/t Aetius451AD
“You’re a Grand Old Flag” (first called “You’re a Grand Old Rag”) is a patriotic song written by George M. Cohan (1878-1942) in the year of 1906. Even though this song is 106 years old, it was one of the most loved patriotic songs of today. This particular version of the song is sung by Billy Murray